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Dec 3, 2012 | 11:00 GMT

Geopolitical Calendar: Week of Dec. 3, 2012


Editor's Note: The following is an internal Stratfor document listing significant meetings and events planned for the next week. Stratfor analysts use this document to stay informed of the activities and travel of world leaders and to guide their areas of focus for the week.


  • Dec. 3: Eurozone finance ministers will meet in Brussels.
  • Dec. 4: EU finance ministers will meet.
  • Dec. 4-5: Spanish healthcare workers are expected to go on strike.
  • Dec. 5: The Irish government is expected to present its 2013 budget.
  • Dec. 9: Romania will hold parliamentary elections.


  • Dec. 4: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is expected to visit Russia to take part in the 17th regular meeting between Chinese and Russian prime ministers.
  • Dec. 4-6: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao will visit Kyrgyzstan to take part in the 11th meeting of the Heads of Government of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which will be held in Bishkek.
  • Dec. 5: Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the Council of Commonwealth of Independent States leaders in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, to discuss international problems.
  • Dec. 7: The Eurasian Economic Community bailout fund will consider extending a fourth tranche to Belarus. 
  • Dec. 7: Russian energy company Gazprom will begin construction of its South Stream natural gas pipeline to Europe.


  • Dec. 3-6: A senior British delegation, led by London Mayor Boris Johnson, will continue its visit to India to promote trade ties between London and India. 
  • Dec. 4: A Canadian Association of Engineers delegation will visit India to hold a discussion panel with its Indian counterpart. They will discuss issues pertaining to the development of clean coal technologies.
  • Dec. 9: An alliance of 18 opposition parties, led by former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia's Bangladesh Nationalist Party will hold large-scale protests aimed at pressuring Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government to restore a non-party caretaker government system.


  • Dec. 3-4: Indian National Security Adviser Shiv Shanker Menon will visit Beijing to meet with State Councilor Dai Bingguo.
  • Dec. 4-8: Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan will travel to Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • Dec. 5-6: Senior officials from Japan and North Korea will meet in Beijing to discuss improvements on bilateral ties.
  • Dec. 7: Taiwan External Trade Development will hold a forum in Taipei on trade opportunities for Taiwanese businesses along China's land borders.


  • Unspecified date: A delegation from the International Monetary Fund will visit Paraguay to try and find ways to boost the country's competitiveness. 
  • Unspecified date: Bolivia is expected to begin exports of liquefied petroleum gas.
  • Dec. 3-4: The Bolivian Senate is expected to review the 2013 Budgetary law. 
  • Dec. 3: Bolivian diplomatic authorities will hold an exploratory meeting in Brazil to examine the ascension of the country into Mercosur.
  • Dec. 3: Paraguay will begin a new round of auctioning for prospecting oil in its Chaco region. 
  • Dec. 3: Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov will visit the United States and meet with U.S. President Barack Obama.
  • Dec 3-5: Jia Qinglin, chairman of the Chinese National Committee of the People's Political Consultative Conference, will visit Costa Rica to meet with the local leadership.
  • Dec. 3-5: Peru will host the Ethanol Latin American Conference in Lima. 
  • Dec. 3-14: Chile and Peru will undergo a hearing in the International Court of Justice to mediate its territorial maritime dispute. 
  • Dec. 5: An observatory mission from the Organization of American States will arrive in Paraguay to oversee the 2013 electoral process. 
  • Dec. 6: The Brazilian government is expected to announce a new stimulus package aimed at the country's port infrastructure.
  • Dec. 7: Brazil will host the Mercosur conference in Brasilia, where the possible addition of new members like Bolivia will be discussed. 
  • Dec. 7: Uruguay will assume the pro tempore presidency of Mercosur. 
  • Dec. 7: The Argentine government will begin auctioning the assets of media companies deemed to be monopolistic, particularly that of opposition media group Clarin.
  • Dec. 7: Uruguayan and Brazilian heads of state will sign a number of accords strengthening trade ties in the sidelines of the Mercosur conference.


  • Dec. 3: Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Turkey to meet with Turkish leaders and to discuss bilateral relations and the situation in the Middle East. 
  • Dec. 3-5: A Turkish trade mission will visit Tripoli. The mission will include companies in the sectors including industrial oils, contracting, construction, beauty accessories, cleaning equipment, auto accessories, health products and ceramics. 
  • Dec. 4: A Cairo administrative court will hold a hearing on a lawsuit challenging the legality of the Nov. 22 Constitutional Declaration issued by President Mohammed Morsi that granted him sweeping powers.
  • Dec. 5: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan may travel to Gaza with exiled Hamas' leader Khaled Meshaal.


  • Dec. 3: Kenyan health and education workers are threatening to resume strikes if demands previously agreed upon are not met. 
  • Dec. 4: Zimbabwe's ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front will hold its 13th national congress. 
  • Dec. 4: Farmers in South Africa's West Cape province are planning to resume striking for higher wages. 
  • Dec. 5: Military leaders from the International Council of the Great Lakes Region will congregate in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, to certify the withdrawal of M23 rebels. 
  • Dec. 6: Cape Verde's national airline TACV will resume flights to Fortaleza, Brazil. 
  • Dec. 7: Italy will host an international conference uniting delegates from North Africa, Europe and the United Nations to discuss the militant presence in northern Mali. 
  • Dec. 7: Ghana will hold its presidential election. 

Editor's Note: A previous version of this calendar misstated the countries undergoing a hearing in the International Court of Justice to mediate a territorial maritime dispute. Those countries are Chile and Peru.

Geopolitical Calendar: Week of Dec. 3, 2012
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