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Oct 1, 2012 | 10:00 GMT

Geopolitical Calendar: Week of Oct. 1, 2012


Editor's Note: The following is an internal Stratfor document listing significant meetings and events planned for the next week. Stratfor analysts use this document to stay informed of the activities and travel of world leaders and to guide their areas of focus for the week.


  • Unspecified date: The Royal Saudi Land Forces and the Royal Saudi Air Force will take part in Tiger II joint special operations exercises with French special operation troops on the island of Corsica.
  • Oct. 1: The European Court of Justice will hear the case concerning the mandatory retirement age of judges in Hungary.
  • Oct. 1: A general strike is expected in Portugal.
  • Oct. 1: Estonian health care workers are expected to strike.
  • Oct. 1: As part of the NATO-led Kosovo Force, a German and Austrian reserve battalion will replace an Italian battalion.
  • Oct.1-5: Greek judges will strike for certain hours every day during the week.
  • Oct. 2: The French Parliament is expected to debate the European fiscal treaty.
  • Oct. 2: French President Francois Hollande will meet with Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen in Paris to discuss the eurozone crisis.
  • Oct. 2-5: Finnish Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Alexander Stubb will visit Kazakhstan with a business delegation.
  • Oct. 4: The Portuguese parliament is expected to discuss tax revisions.
  • Oct. 5: Columbia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia are expected to negotiate in Oslo, Norway.
  • Oct. 6: Doctors and health care workers are expected to strike nationwide.


  • Oct. 1: The Estonian Doctors Union and Healthcare Workers Vocational Union are expected to start a strike to demand higher wages in Tallinn and in the second-biggest city of Tartu. 
  • Oct. 1: Georgia will hold parliamentary elections. 
  • Oct. 3: The 3rd meeting of the Azerbaijani-Turkmen Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation will be held in Ashgabat to discuss bilateral cooperation. 
  • Oct. 5: Clear Sky-2012 exercises will start in Kyrgyz, Tajik and Kazakh airspace. Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan will attend the exercises.


  • Unspecified date: The Pakistani Federal Cabinet will convene a special meeting to discuss measures to reduce power outages.


  • Unspecified date: The Philippines will publish revised implementing rules and regulations of its mining policy.
  • Oct.1: The Thai military reshuffle of top command posts will come into effect.
  • Oct. 1-5: Belarusian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Aleinik will visit Indonesia and Singapore.
  • Oct. 1-7: China will continue its National Day and Moon Festival.
  • Oct.1-8: The Singapore armed forces will conduct live-fire exercises.
  • Oct. 2-5: The Philippine government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front will hold peace talks in Malaysia.
  • Oct. 4: The Malaysian High Court will decide on the operating license of the controversial rare earth plant by Lynas Corp. Ltd.


  • Unspecified date: The Colombian Congress will initiate the examination and debate on the tax code reform. 
  • Oct. 1-2: The third Arab-South and American Countries Summit will be held in Lima, Peru. 
  • Oct. 5-6: Lebanese President Michel Suleiman will pay an official visit to Uruguay after the Arab-South and American Countries Summit.
  • Oct. 5-8: A delegation from the Argentine Republican Proposal party has been invited to monitor the Venezuelan elections. 
  • Oct. 7: Venezuela will hold its presidential election.
  • Oct. 7: Brazil will hold municipal elections.


  • Unspecified date: A Friends of Syria meeting will be held in Morocco.
  • Unspecified date: Turkish President Abdullah Gul plans to visit Egypt. 
  • Oct 1: The Turkish parliament will convene.
  • Oct 2: An Egyptian court will hold a hearing to decide the legality of the Constitutional Assembly.
  • Oct 6: Egypt celebrates Armed Forces Day.
  • Oct 6: Syria marks Tishreen Liberation War Day.


  • Oct. 3-5: Maritime security and transportation officials from East Africa will meet in Mombasa, Kenya, to discuss maritime security and other issues.
  • Oct. 4: Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan will present a 2013 federal government budget proposal to the National Assembly.
Geopolitical Calendar: Week of Oct. 1, 2012
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