Greece's Economic Past Will Haunt Its Political Future

Jun 6, 2019 | 16:29 GMT
The national flag of Greece.

The Greek economy is growing again, but the effects of the country's long crisis are still evident.

(Lukasz Stefanski/Shutterstock)

For the first time in a decade, Greek voters will elect a government without their country being part of an economic rescue program. Markets have reacted positively in anticipation of the July 7 vote since opinion polls have the conservative New Democracy party securing another victory, after squarely defeating the ruling Syriza party in the recent EU parliamentary elections. But despite the opposition party's campaign promises to accelerate Greece's recovery through pro-business policies, if elected, its leaders will soon find that the complicated issues underpinning Athens' economic malaise and geopolitical constraints will not be solved in one term -- or several, for that matter....

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