Israel, Palestinian Territories: With Rockets and Retaliation, the Specter of Another Gaza Conflict Looms

MIN READMar 25, 2019 | 19:12 GMT


A long-range rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip toward the town of Mishmeret, north of Tel Aviv, on March 25. The projectile struck a family home, injuring seven. Hamas -- the Palestinian militant organization that effectively runs Gaza -- claimed the rocket was fired accidentally, echoing an assertion made after the last rockets landed in Israel on March 14. The possibility of an accidental launch helped limit the potential for escalation previously, but now the claim appears to be falling on deaf ears. Israel has initiated a military retaliation that has the potential to escalate. In preparation for an elevated response, roads near the Gaza Strip were ordered closed by Israeli authorities, rail traffic has ceased, and civilians in areas near the Gaza Strip were pre-emptively advised to relocate to protective shelters. In addition to this, Israel Defense Forces started moving elements of the Golani Brigade and the 7th...

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