RANE Insights on Security with Brian Lynch: Navigating and Assessing Threats to Organizations

MIN READJan 19, 2022 | 21:31 GMT


In today's podcast, RANE Executive Director of Safety and Security Brian W. Lynch speaks to Rod Koyne, Managing Director of Opcentrics, a U.S.-based firm specializing in security operations, protection services, risk assessment, event management and training programs. They discuss how to protect businesses, assets and people in an increasingly complex and dangerous world. Brian talks through with Rod his firm's guide to help organizations navigate through their risks using the Opcentrics' "Ten Commandments" as a reference to achieving success.

RANE is a risk intelligence company that provides access to critical insights, analysis and support to ensure business continuity and resiliency for our members. As RANE's Executive Director for Safety and Security, Brian W. Lynch offers clients world-class expertise in areas that include security, crisis management, active shooter training and mitigation, and threat intelligence and management strategies. RANE also offers custom risk monitoring, including tools to efficiently screen and analyze emerging risks for your organization. Let RANE help you successfully identify and mitigate threats. Visit ranenetwork.com.

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