Stopping Workplace Violence Before It Can Begin

Jun 27, 2019 | 17:00 GMT
Shattered doors at the Earle Cabell Federal Building in Dallas, Texas, show evidence of a shooting committed by a lone gunman on June 17, 2019. The attacker was killed by police.

The bullet-riddled glass doors of the Earle Cabell Federal Building show evidence of a shooting attack on June 17, 2019, in Dallas, Texas. The shooter was himself shot and killed after opening fire on the courthouse. No one else was injured or killed.

(RON JENKINS/Getty Images)

A pair of images in the news media recently focused national attention on an all-too-common occurrence: Workplace violence and mass public attacks. The first, captured by a photographer from the Dallas Morning News, depicted a man outside a federal building in Dallas, Texas, dressed in black and green clothing, rifle in hand, in the midst of a shooting spree. The other, taken on a bright, sunny day in Virginia Beach, Virginia, showed sobbing survivors of a workplace shooting at the city's municipal government complex.

The Virginia Beach attacker killed 12 of his co-workers before he was killed by police. In Dallas, the gunman was the only casualty. In a recent column, Scott Stewart, Stratfor's vice president of tactical analysis, noted that while incidents of workplace violence and mass public attacks are a persistent concern, there are steps that organizations and businesses can take to stop them before they can begin. He recently discussed the topic with Stratfor Chief Security Officer Fred Burton.

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