Middle East: No Progress for U.S. on Iran at Warsaw Summit

MIN READFeb 14, 2019 | 22:18 GMT


The two-day U.S.-led Warsaw Summit on Middle Eastern Security ended Feb. 14. The forum gave officials of 60 countries the opportunity to discuss strategies to foster security in the Middle East, while also including some discussion of the U.S. promise to unveil its Israeli-Palestinian peace plan after Israel's April 9 elections. The forum was one of the highest-profile gatherings of U.S., European and Middle Eastern leaders to focus on the Middle East since the initial meetings of the global anti-Islamic State coalition in 2015 and 2016. Even so, just a quarter of countries in attendance sent their foreign ministers. Some of the lackluster attendance stemmed from the fact that the United States billed the gathering as an anti-Iran meeting. At the same time, some progress to improve relations between the Gulf Arab states and Israel also occurred, including a side meeting between Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the foreign...

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