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Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives are insights from the world’s top thinkers. Though they do not belong to Stratfor and are not tethered to our methodology, our Contributors are individuals who produce insightful content on matters related to geopolitics. Our Partners, meanwhile, are respected institutions located around the world that provide additional points of view, commentary and analysis on international affairs.

Contributor Perspectives

The question for multinational companies active in Venezuela is how to handle the country's current crisis.
A number of polls, especially those conducted by the politically independent Levada Center in Moscow, support the conclusion that Russians genuinely hold leader Vladimir Putin in high regard.

Partner Perspectives

In 1993, Samuel Huntington presented the hypothesis that people’s cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict in the post-Cold War world, arguing that future wars would be fought not between countries, but between cultures.
The ‘new’ Europe comprising former communist states still welcomes U.S. leadership, as evidenced by the recent Three Seas Initiative summit in Poland.
It's easy to dismiss those who carry out acts of violent extremism as disengaged individuals.
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