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Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives are insights from the world’s top thinkers. Though they do not belong to Stratfor and are not tethered to our methodology, our Contributors are individuals who produce insightful content on matters related to geopolitics. Our Partners, meanwhile, are respected institutions located around the world that provide additional points of view, commentary and analysis on international affairs.

Contributor Perspectives

Saudi Defense Minister and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, center, stands for a photo-op with his counterparts from other countries in Saudi Arabia's Islamic Military Counterterrorism Coalition at a meeting in Riyadh.
Chinese tourists wear masks to protect themselves from pollution outside the Forbidden City in Beijing.
Rohingya refugees rest after crossing from Myanmar into Bangladesh in September.

Partner Perspectives

U.N. Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman (L), met in Pyongyang with a senior member of the North Korean administration Dec. 7, 2017, marking the first such visit by a U.N. diplomat in seven years.
Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, Qatar's emir, met with French President Emmanuel Macron in Doha on Dec. 7, one day after the annual Gulf Cooperation Council Summit was scheduled to wrap up.
Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama delivers a speech at the opening of the 23rd Conference of the Parties to the U.N. Framework on Climate Change, which Fiji presided over in Bonn, Germany, on Nov. 6-17.
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