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Oct 31, 2018 | 00:24 GMT

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A Student's Testimonial for Stratfor Worldview

A LASA high school student was introduced to Stratfor Worldview through his World Geography class, where we used it to observe events occurring outside the classroom. Here's what he had to say about his experience.

I absolutely love Stratfor Worldview. I was introduced to it through my World Geography class, where we used it to observe events occurring outside our classroom. Whenever I read Stratfor analysis, I can expect professional graphics, intriguing expert insight, and unbiased, informational facts.

Over the past school year, I've been able to see deeper into the issues that influence decision-making in countries across the world, and how governments have interacted with each other in tense situations, often defusing heated talks. I've been able to enjoy reading about things that affect millions — if not billions — of people every day, supported with clear, coherent diagrams and other graphics to help visualize the exact context of the events occurring.

One of the first articles that I read on Stratfor Worldview was about Russia and the different strategies it was using to influence people around the world, complemented with an interactive graphic highlighting what the article talked about. I would recommend Stratfor to colleagues and others who have an interest in international politics.

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