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AssessmentsMay 8, 2019 | 09:00 GMT
Israeli Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz, second from left, stands during the opening ceremony of the IRU World Congress, a regional transportation conference, in Muscat, Oman, on Nov. 7, 2018.
Will Israel's Shift Right Slow the Warming With Its Arab Neighbors?
Over the past couple of years, Israel has started growing closer to countries in the Persian Gulf region that once rejected it. But a government interested in abandoning the two-state solution and annexing parts of the West Bank will find its newfound relationships tested.
Contributor PerspectivesSep 16, 2018 | 09:00 GMT
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visits the tomb of modern Turkey's founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, to commemorate the 96th anniversary of the country's independence.
Erdogan's One-Man Rule Takes Its Toll on Turkey
The Turkish president's foreign and economic policies have strained the country's relationships abroad and plunged its economy into crisis, all in the name of preserving his image as a strong, independent leader.
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