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AssessmentsOct 10, 2013 | 14:42 GMT
An illegal oil refinery that was destroyed by Nigerian forces at Nembe Creek in the Niger Delta on March 22.
Dwindling International Interest in Nigeria's Onshore Oil Fields
Problems have plagued Nigeria's onshore energy development since the beginning. The Niger Delta region is home to many different ethnic groups and, as the name implies, is a swampy river delta with communities that are remote and accessible only by river transport. Pollution from oil production, pipeline damage and flaring natural gas, as well as the perception that the wealth produced on their land was not getting back to the communities, contributed to social unrest among these communities.
SITUATION REPORTAug 28, 2013 | 13:06 GMT
Poland: Promising Results From Shale Gas Test
Lane Energy Poland, an exploration company controlled by U.S. energy giant ConocoPhillips, is extracting approximately 8,000 cubic meters of shale gas daily at a test well in northern Poland, Polish Deputy Environment Minister Piotr Wozniak said Aug. 28, AFP reported.
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