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Contributor PerspectivesMar 4, 2017 | 14:30 GMT
A picture of a smartphone. Powerful handheld devices and social applications are changing the way people communicate, organize and protest.
The Next Front Line in the Fight for Hearts and Minds
Social technologies have proved a powerful tool for shaping public perception and skewing political discourse. On their own, powerful handheld devices and far-reaching social applications do not pose a challenge to today's political institutions, but when they are used with the express purpose of spreading misinformation, these technologies can severely undermine democratic processes and governance.
Contributor PerspectivesJun 8, 2016 | 08:00 GMT
The United Kingdom will hold a referendum on its EU membership on June 23, but a Brexit would simply mark the completion of the former empire's decline into the strategic netherworld behind great powers.
A Brexit Cancels out the Real Benefit of Devolution
The most powerful political force of our age is devolution. Not only is devolution a more universal aspiration than democracy, but as Scotland and Catalonia aptly demonstrate, democracy serves only to fuel devolution: When given the choice, cities and provinces gravitate toward more autonomy and local self-rule. And yet, as Britain contemplates its own exit from the European Union, it risks negating the only equal and opposite dialectical force that counters devolution: aggregation.
AssessmentsMar 9, 2011 | 09:53 GMT
China Security Memo: March 9, 2011
Beijing has introduced a plan to track the city's cell phone users for traffic-control purposes, but the government may have other motives as well. (With STRATFOR interactive map)
AssessmentsFeb 3, 2011 | 04:28 GMT
China Security Memo: Feb. 3, 2011
STRATFOR has long stressed the false accusations Chinese-born foreign nationals can face in China, but a case has entered the headlines after five years might actually represent espionage against the Chinese. (With STRATFOR interactive map)
AssessmentsJan 5, 2011 | 20:12 GMT
China Security Memo: Jan. 5, 2011
The death of a re-emerging village leader has Chinese “netizens” concerned about an official cover-up. (With STRATFOR interactive map)
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