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On SecurityMar 30, 2017 | 08:00 GMT
Some attackers will inevitably slip through the cracks, no matter how proficient security services are.
Adjusting to an Imperfect Reality
In the wake of the terrorist attack in London, some people are calling to overhaul the British counterterrorism system. Yet, no matter what changes are introduced to the British security services in the wake of the London attack, authorities will never be able to anticipate and stop every simple attack by every potential actor. It is better to consider the facts of the case, keep calm, adjust course and carry on.
AssessmentsMar 27, 2017 | 09:30 GMT
A loaded cargo ship heads out to sea from New York Harbor. Over the past decade, the world's available shipping capacity has grown faster than global trade has.
Why the Global Shipping Industry Will Be Tough to Salvage
The political order that defines the world is changing, and with it, the global shipping industry. The advent of container shipping in the mid-1950s propelled the age of globalization forward as the world's biggest economies forged new and closer trade links with one another. International trade is now undergoing another massive overhaul as the rise of Western isolationism, the restructuring of China's economy, the weakening of European growth and the Fourth Industrial Revolution alter how goods and services flow between countries in the coming decades.
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