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AssessmentsMay 17, 2017 | 09:00 GMT
For China, All Roads (and Belts) Lead to Europe

Despite its goal to foster integration throughout Eurasia, Beijing has so far emphasized bilateral or subregional agreements with its Belt and Road projects in Europe, an approach that has raised the suspicions of the bloc's central powers.

On GeopoliticsAug 16, 2016 | 07:18 GMT
China investment Pakistan beijing one belt one road
China's Investments Reveal Its Broader Ambitions

Today, China has become the world's second-largest investor and biggest supplier of capital. While other markets are in recession, China's economy continues to grow, however slowly. Without question, the gravity of China's economy, coupled with its ever-expanding reach into global affairs, will secure its place of influence in the international system for decades to come. But the sort of presence Beijing seeks abroad is changing.

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