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AssessmentsMar 3, 2017 | 09:00 GMT
A crowd of Nigerians faces off with South Africans in Pretoria on Feb. 24 while a South African policeman (L) tries to calm them. Populism has taken root in the impoverished and unemployed segments of South African society.
The Price of Anti-Immigrant Violence in South Africa
For the past month, incidents of violence against foreign Africans living in South Africa have been on the rise. The violence has targeted foreigners from countries across the African continent, but Nigerians have increasingly found themselves in the crosshairs. Citizens in Nigeria, in turn, have begun attacking South African businesses in their country and calling for their withdrawal. If the violence continues unabated, it could take a financial toll on the two largest economies of sub-Saharan Africa and cause bigger problems for the Nigerian and South African governments.
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