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Contributor PerspectivesDec 6, 2017 | 09:00 GMT
Saudi Defense Minister and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, center, stands for a photo-op with his counterparts from other countries in Saudi Arabia's Islamic Military Counterterrorism Coalition at a meeting in Riyadh.
The Rapid Rise of Mohammed bin Salman
The young Saudi crown prince's tough approach and brusque demeanor rub some in and outside the kingdom the wrong way. But the shake-up he's carrying out may be just what Saudi Arabia needs to survive in a new era.
AssessmentsMar 18, 2017 | 13:21 GMT
Circling Back to 'The Jackal'
The old saying "politics makes strange bedfellows" certainly applies to my old line of work, too. In the counterterrorism business, you sometimes have to deal with unsavory characters to make progress in an investigation. Recent headlines reminded me of one of the strangest connections I have ever made with one of the underworld's most notorious figures.
Partner PerspectivesMar 13, 2017 | 13:37 GMT
A Partner Perspectives article written by Jide Akintunde for Financial Nigeria.
Acting Presidents
While there is no statutory limitation to the presidential power exercisable by the Acting President, the notion that he can in reality exercise full presidential powers is dubitable. Nigeria’s democracy seems to require the allocation of top political offices among the geopolitical zones to maintain a delicate balance of power.
Contributor PerspectivesSep 3, 2016 | 13:17 GMT
Facts, Fake News, and Post-Truth Politics
Why the Facts Can't Speak for Themselves
The power of online social platforms lies in their ability to elicit user contributions about their perceptual likes and dislikes, all the while compiling their actual online and consumer behaviors into massive data sets for advertisers or political campaign strategists. Thus technology bypasses the middleman role once played by the news media as fact purveyor and agenda setter.
On SecurityMay 26, 2016 | 08:00 GMT
Tomohiro Iwazaki, 27, in Tokyo on May 23, 2016, after being arrested for stabbing Japanese pop star Mayu Tomita, whom he had allegedly stalked.
Stalkers: When Affection Turns to Rage
In almost every case where a mentally disturbed individual has attacked a celebrity, the attacker has made prior contact with the eventual target, quite often extensively -- providing ample warning signs. When those warning signs are ignored, the results can be devastating.
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