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SnapshotsAug 26, 2019 | 20:29 GMT
Israel, Lebanon: 2 Drones Crash in Beirut, and Regional Tensions Soar
Two drones crashed under unclear circumstances Aug. 24 in the southern suburbs of Beirut. Hezbollah claims the drones were Israeli; the commercially available drones were in fact of the same type that Israel has used before. Whether the drones malfunctioned, were disabled or were intentionally sent to crash remains unclear. Israel
Contributor PerspectivesNov 25, 2015 | 08:00 GMT
A picture taken on February 1, 2016, shows the Mosul Dam on the Tigris River, around 50 kilometres north of the Iraqi city of Mosul. The United States is monitoring Iraq's largest dam for signs of further deterioration that could point to an impending catastrophic collapse, US army officers said on January 28, 2016. The Islamic State (IS) jihadist group seized the Mosul Dam briefly in 2014, leading to a lapse in maintenance that weakened an already flawed structure, and Baghdad is seeking a company to make
The Water Wars Waged by the Islamic State
The Islamic State's use of natural resources to achieve its strategic goals is nothing new. Oil, one of the group's biggest sources of funding, plays an especially important role in its calculations -- something the countries fighting the Islamic State are increasingly coming to realize. And they have begun to adjust their target sets accordingly.
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