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Contributor PerspectivesDec 6, 2017 | 09:00 GMT
Saudi Defense Minister and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, center, stands for a photo-op with his counterparts from other countries in Saudi Arabia's Islamic Military Counterterrorism Coalition at a meeting in Riyadh.
The Rapid Rise of Mohammed bin Salman
The young Saudi crown prince's tough approach and brusque demeanor rub some in and outside the kingdom the wrong way. But the shake-up he's carrying out may be just what Saudi Arabia needs to survive in a new era.
Editorial BoardJun 17, 2017 | 16:15 GMT
Matt Bowers
Matt Bowers

Dr. Matt Bowers is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Sport Management at the University of Texas at Austin and Co-Founder of Hook & Ladder Creative Sport Solutions, a youth sports consulting firm. He studies the design and management of athletic development systems, with a focus on youth development in and through sports. He has published research studies related to the history of youth sports in America, the impact of sport participation on creativity, and the value of sandlot/unstructured sports for children. His work has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Wired, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, the Aspen Institute's Project Play and South By Southwest (SXSW) 2017.  

BusinessApr 28, 2017 | 20:12 GMT
Stratfor Worldview desktop view
Geopolitical Analysis for a New Era
Since Stratfor first launched in 1996, influential individuals and decision-makers in business and government have relied on us as their “go-to” source for strategic geopolitical analysis and forecasting. While our commitment to delivering on our promise is the same as it was on day one, we've noted a dramatic evolution in readers’ expectations for their online content experience. With the newly redesigned and new product introductions, we're responding. 
ReflectionsApr 28, 2010 | 11:28 GMT
Greek Tragedy: Act II
Greece's financial crisis has investors scrutinizing other weak eurozone economies as well.
AssessmentsJun 5, 2008 | 16:00 GMT
Organized Crime in Japan
Stratfor's fifth in-depth look at organized crime focuses on Japan. For nearly 400 years, criminal activity in Japan has been controlled by powerful Yakuza clans, largely secret societies that thrive on intimidation while bucking societal norms.(With Strafor Interactive Map)
Stratfor Worldview


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