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SITUATION REPORTJul 12, 2019 | 14:54 GMT
Japan, South Korea: Seoul Calls for International Investigation Into Tokyo's Export Control Allegations
South Korea has called for an international investigation into both South Korean and Japanese export controls after Japanese lawmakers and media leaks alleged that Seoul's regulators failed to stop the smuggling of chemical weapons precursors to Iran, China and North Korea, Bloomberg reported July 11.
SITUATION REPORTJul 11, 2019 | 16:24 GMT
South Korea: Democratic Party Reportedly Mulls Plan on Wartime Compensation Claims
South Korea's ruling Democratic Party is reportedly considering a plan to fulfill demands for compensation by wartime laborers that includes the allocation of government funds for future claims and the creation of a joint South Korean-Japanese fund to pay out claims awarded since 2018, Reuters reported July 10.
SITUATION REPORTJul 1, 2019 | 19:30 GMT
Japan, South Korea: Japanese Export Restrictions Take Aim at South Korean Semiconductor Industry
Japan, reacting to the damaged "relations of trust" following a South Korean court ruling mandating that Japanese companies pay compensation for claims of forced labor stemming from World War II, said it would restrict the export of chemicals vital to South Korea's semiconductor and smartphone industries, Nikkei Asian Review reported June 30.
SITUATION REPORTJun 23, 2019 | 14:16 GMT
Ethiopia: Four Senior Figures Killed During Regional Coup Attempt
Ethiopia's Prime Minister said that four people, including the Army's chief of staff and a regional governor, were killed during a coup attempt to take control of Ethiopia's northern Amhara region, BBC reported June 22. The central government accused Amhara's regional security chief Asaminew Tsige of plotting the coup, which appears to have failed. There were also reportedly shots fired in the capital of Addis Ababa and most of the country was subject to an internet blackout. Several perpetrators have been arrested and several others are reportedly being pursued.
Contributor PerspectivesJun 20, 2019 | 09:45 GMT
Italian journalists rally in Rome in defense of press freedom on Nov. 13, 2018.
Why Good Reporting Isn't Dead
Threats of violence, staff reductions, hesitant publishers -- it's enough to make a journalist want to give up (and many, sadly, have). But as a recent investigative series in Brazil highlights, important work endures.
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