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Contributor PerspectivesSep 25, 2017 | 09:15 GMT
Sports: America's Well-Kept Socialist Secret
Sports: America's Well-Kept Socialist Secret
In American professional leagues, there is no cost for performing poorly and finishing at the bottom. In fact, there is a reward. The exact process differs a bit from league to league, but in the simplest terms, in the NBA, NFL and NHL, the worst teams are entitled to the
Contributor PerspectivesFeb 8, 2017 | 09:00 GMT
An Afghan child carries shovels at a brick factory in Kabul. The percentage of the world's population in slavery may be at its lowest point in history, but in absolute terms, the global number of enslaved people is higher than it's ever been.
The Modern-Day Abolitionist Movement
On an otherwise ordinary flight from Seattle to San Francisco, Alaska Airlines steward Sheila Fedrick noticed a disheveled teenager traveling with a well-dressed older man. She was silent; he was defensive. Fedrick’s antenna went up. "She looked like she'd been through pure hell," Fedrick said. She whispered to the teen to look for a note in the plane's restroom. Three words of response were all it took: “I need help.”
On SecurityJun 12, 2014 | 08:00 GMT
Five Dead, Including two Police Officers Las Vegas Shooting domestic terrorists Jerad and Amanda Miller
Domestic Terrorism Is No Joke
The threat of domestic attacks is real, even if the perpetrators are untrained. Domestic terrorists who can conduct spectacular, high-casualty attacks like those orchestrated by Timothy McVeigh or Anders Breivik are the exception rather than the rule.
AssessmentsAug 26, 2010 | 17:58 GMT
China Security Memo: Aug. 26, 2010
Four suspected Uighur militants were arrested for an attack in Xinjiang that killed eight people, and a Chinese supermarket chain has been embroiled in a lawsuit for using the name of French chain Carrefour. (With STRATFOR interactive map)
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