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SnapshotsOct 18, 2018 | 22:20 GMT
Rather than retaliating against U.S. companies in response to further U.S. tariff pressure, an influential Chinese economist is counseling prudence, a view that has adherents in China.
China: Beijing Considers a Prudent Economic Response to U.S. Pressure
Speaking at Tsinghua University on Oct. 17, Fan Gang, an economist, influential Chinese government adviser and former member of the People's Bank of China's Monetary Policy Committee, argued that China must not launch retaliatory attacks against U.S. business operations in China. He said this will only reinforce U.S. President Donald Trump's pressure campaign on the country, and that Beijing needs to maintain its connections with U.S. businesses, since those relationships now offers "the only voice" that can speak for China.
AssessmentsSep 8, 2016 | 09:15 GMT
If the pursuit of agricultural giant Monsanto by the Bayer conglomerate is successful, it will further shrink the limited number of major agricultural technology companies.
As the Pool of Agribusiness Giants Shrinks, Will Innovation Follow?
The small number of major companies in the agricultural biotechnology sector is about to get even smaller. Three big mergers have been put forward in the past year that, if completed, will have significant implications for the future of the industry, which lies at the center of efforts to more efficiently use limited resources to feed a growing global population. If the mergers overcome the hurdles ahead of them, they could shape the development of future technologies, affecting more than just the corporate bottom line in the long run.
AssessmentsAug 8, 2016 | 09:15 GMT
The Fertile Common Ground Between Technology and Agriculture
The Fertile Common Ground Between Technology and Agriculture
At first glance, Silicon Valley and the vast cornfields of the U.S. Midwest may appear to have little in common. But a growing relationship between big data and agriculture is poised to improve yields, reduce raw material use and decrease production costs. Over the past year, the precision agriculture industry, which has pioneered the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and robotics to increase data collection and efficiency in agriculture, has continued to expand in the United States and around the world. As drone use in agriculture becomes even more prevalent and new achievements in machine learning and artificial intelligence are made, high technologies -- the internet of things, big data, robotics and artificial intelligence -- will overlap with agriculture more and more.
ReflectionsJun 2, 2016 | 02:40 GMT
Germany's Kuka AG is the world’s largest manufacturer of robotics for the automobile industry.
China Looks to Europe to Feed Its Appetite for Technology
China's Midea Group offered a $5.1 billion bid to take over German industrial robot maker Kuka AG on May 18, but now German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel and his ministry are trying to put together a European consortium to block and counter the bid. As the world’s largest manufacturer of robotics for automobile manufacturing and as one of the world’s top five manufacturers for general industry, Kuka is a strategic asset for China and Germany.
AssessmentsOct 6, 2015 | 09:01 GMT
Nord Stream II: A Divisive Pipeline
Russia is pushing forward with its new European natural gas strategy, dividing its neighbors to the west in the process. Gazprom's controversial Nord Stream II pipeline is a key component of that strategy, and if constructed, it would boost Russia's ability to send natural gas directly to Germany. Differences among European states over the project have torn a rift down the center of the Continent, reopening the Iron Curtain divide between East and West.
AssessmentsJun 8, 2006 | 23:48 GMT
Global Market Brief: Irrational Exuberance Redux
Markets are quirky things, reacting to some events as if they were nothing and others as if they were everything. As Stratfor noted two weeks ago, ample reasons exist to expect a global recession in the future -- just not in the immediate future.
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