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AssessmentsAug 8, 2019 | 09:00 GMT
This Landsat photograph from 1972 shows the Pakistani-Iranian border.
Pakistan Struggles to Make Good on a Golden Opportunity in Balochistan
In a remote and arid corner of southwestern Pakistan, Islamabad has found itself embroiled in a difficult battle: a multibillion-dollar dispute with a global mining company over one of the world's richest untapped deposits of copper and gold. In July, the World Bank's International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) ordered Pakistan to pay $5.9 billion in damages to the Tethyan Copper Co., a joint venture between Canada's Barrick Gold Corp. and Chile's Antofagasta PLC. The ruling stems from a 2012 case that Tethyan lodged at the ICSID against Islamabad for failing to issue a license to mine gold and copper at the Reko Diq site. The case draws attention to the rich resources of Balochistan, Pakistan's rugged southwestern frontier in which Reko Diq is located, as well as the tug of war between domestic Pakistani law and international arbitration in resolving investor disputes. But above all, the Reko Diq
Partner PerspectivesMar 30, 2017 | 16:04 GMT
New Zealand Trumps Australia on China . . . Again
In a love letter to New Zealand this week, the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang unintentionally exposed flaws in the Australia-China relationship. All nations pursue their interests by balancing strategic and economic policy and Canberra cannot engage with Beijing only on the latter. Premier Li’s trip to Australia was overwhelmingly hailed a success, and it certainly seemed an exemplar of glitch-free diplomacy. Yet beyond a big win for beef exporters, the outcomes of the visit might be viewed as somewhat vanilla compared to the delights served up across the Tasman.
SITUATION REPORTMay 10, 2014 | 12:44 GMT
Colombia: Lawmaker Accuses Mining Companies Of Land Theft
A Colombian lawmaker accused three mining companies -- Drummond, Glencore Xstrata's Prodeco and BHP Billiton's Cerro Matoso -- of using falsified documents to seize land intended for farmers and displaced persons, Medellin-based Colombia Reports reported May 9, citing local media.
AssessmentsJun 26, 2012 | 10:01 GMT
A field with an overburden heap of a former potash plant in the distance.
China's Potash Strategy
Chinese demand for potash, a critical fertilizer component containing nutrients that improve growth and water retention and increase crop yields, may grow by as much as 14 percent by 2020, while some major potash producers are expected to cut production by approximately 10 percent in 2012. Demand from other developing economies will further strain global supplies of the strategic commodity in the long term. To secure its own supply, China is pursuing stakes in several foreign potash production companies.
AssessmentsFeb 23, 2011 | 18:06 GMT
China Security Memo: Feb. 23, 2011
The Feb. 20 "Jasmine" gatherings in China demonstrated the ability of some person or group to organize protests across provincial lines, something of great concern to Beijing. (With STRATFOR interactive map)
AssessmentsJun 24, 2010 | 08:17 GMT
Australia: Rudd's Fall, Gillard's Rise
Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's extremely sudden fall from grace clears the way for his replacement, Julia Gillard, to revive the Cabinet and salvage the Labor Party before federal elections are held this year.
AssessmentsFeb 27, 2010 | 16:05 GMT
Chile: Earthquake Update
Chilean mines were largely spared from the effects of the earthquake that caused infrastructure damage and at least 78 deaths.
AssessmentsJul 10, 2009 | 13:38 GMT
China Security Memo: July 10, 2009
Operating in China presents many challenges to foreign businesses. The China Security Memo tracks and summarizes key incidents throughout the country over the past week. (With STRATFOR Interactive Map)
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