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On SecurityMar 12, 2019 | 09:00 GMT
Algerian protesters demonstrate in the capital Algiers against ailing President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika's bid for a fifth term on March 8, 2019.
The Jihadist Peril Lurking in Algeria's Protests
No stranger to civil conflict, Algeria is once again experiencing significant political unrest. Protests in the country are gathering steam, indicating deep and widespread discontent with the power structure that has helped Algerian President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika remain in power even though the octogenarian suffered a debilitating stroke in 2013. The trigger for the most recent protests that erupted on Feb. 22 was the announcement that Bouteflika -- who is wheelchair-bound and unable to speak -- would stand for a fifth term in presidential elections on April 18. On March 11, however, he announced that he was withdrawing from the election, which authorities will delay until a national conference sets a date for a new election. In climbing down, Bouteflika is clearly hoping to defuse the current protests. But until the particulars are known, it is difficult to determine if he will succeed. The protests are not only focused on
On SecurityOct 6, 2016 | 08:01 GMT
The Hasam Movement claimed responsibility for the Sept. 19 assassination attempt against Egypt's assistant attorney general on its website.
Tracking the Hasam Movement, Egypt's Ambitious New Militant Group
Until recently, the Hasam Movement's operations closely mirrored those of the now-defunct Ajnad Misr, which launched a spate of shooting attacks and simple bombings in Giza and Cairo in 2014-15. Like Ajnad Misr, the group had largely focused its efforts on targeting the police. But that changed on Sept. 29. By aiming to assassinate Egypt's assistant attorney general, however flawed the actual attempt was, Hasam revealed its bigger aspirations: to attack more valuable targets using more sophisticated methods.
AssessmentsJun 30, 2016 | 09:17 GMT
Assessing the Jihadist Threat in Egypt: Mainland Egypt
Assessing the Jihadist Threat in Egypt: Mainland Egypt
The activities of radical jihadist groups have died down in mainland Egypt in recent months, but that does not mean the country's security situation is settled. Low-level attacks against police officers and other targets, for example, still occur. But between government crackdowns and internal disagreements, Egyptian jihadist groups' power to conduct sophisticated, large-scale operations appears to have been suppressed.
Annual ForecastsJan 12, 2015 | 10:30 GMT
2014 was the year in which the world was finally shaken out of complacency. Ukraine triggered Russia's inevitable confrontation with the United States and Europe. Economic malaise in Europe became impossible to ignore. An intensifying anti-corruption drive in China exposed how far and deep the Chinese leadership is willing to go manage dissent.
2015 Annual Forecast
As we look at what 2015 holds in store, we know the oil markets are oversupplied, Europe and China will continue to stagnate, and Russia will work under heavy constraints to deny the West a strong foothold in crucial areas of its periphery while the rest of the world deals with the repercussions of these trends. The ebb and flow of this tumult is covered in the forecast that follows.
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