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SITUATION REPORTNov 7, 2018 | 19:23 GMT
China: Study Confirms Internet Traffic Was Rerouted
The internet intelligence division of U.S.-based tech company Oracle has confirmed the results of a 2018 study by the U.S. Naval War College and Tel Aviv University that accused China Telcom, one of China's biggest state-owned internet services, of rerouting internet traffic from sources in North America, Europe and Asia through Chinese servers before sending it to its intended destination, ZDNet reported Nov. 6.
AssessmentsSep 20, 2016 | 09:00 GMT
The Source of India's Water Wars
The Source of India's Water Wars
Rivers sharing boundaries, whether between other countries or internal states, are traditional points of conflict. Often governed by unpopular treaties, they are the subject of intense negotiations. India's transboundary rivers are no exception. Political disputes surrounding India's rivers are made all the more contentious by water stress and scarcity. Growing
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