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AssessmentsJul 17, 2019 | 10:00 GMT
A worker constructs a section of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline near Kingisepp, Russia.
Despite Looming U.S. Sanctions, the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Will Likely Proceed
For the first time, U.S. President Donald Trump directly acknowledged that Washington was, in fact, considering sanctioning Nord Stream 2 on June 12. This comes less than a month after U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry warned that a U.S. sanctions bill targeting the project could come into effect in the "not too distant future." These statements could mean the White House is seriously considering a proposed sanctions bill that, if fully imposed, would have the power to essentially grind construction a screeching halt. However, such a move would risk angering Germany at a time when the White House is trying to sway Berlin on a number of other important issues, including increasing its defense spending and barring Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei from rolling out its 5G network. Thus, the United States is more likely to stick with a more middle-of-the-ground approach that still throws a wrench in the project's timeline, without completely killing it. 
GuidanceMay 21, 2019 | 21:43 GMT
A section of pipe hangs from a crane at a construction site of the Eugal gas pipeline in Germany, which will transport natural gas arriving from Russia through the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
The Existential Danger to Nord Stream 2 of a Renewed U.S. Sanctions Push
The United States has long considered obstructing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would have the capacity to send 55 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas directly to Germany by way of the Baltic Sea. However, a recent statement from U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry has now offered the strongest indication yet that Washington could be getting serious about sanctioning the roughly $11 billion project.
On SecurityDec 18, 2018 | 10:00 GMT
Iranian cyber operations will continue to pose a threat to companies and organizations in the Middle East and beyond during 2019.
How Iran's Cyber Game Plan Reflects Its Asymmetrical War Strategy
As discord between the United States and Iran continue to rise in 2019, Tehran will reach deeper into its bag of deadly tricks to counter pressure from Washington. While the huge imbalance of power will restrain Iran from engaging in direct military conflict with the United States and its allies, it will retaliate with its asymmetrical arsenal. These weapons include cyberattacks, terrorism and support for its regional militant allies, and they pose a threat to companies and organizations in the Middle East and beyond. But what is most notable is how Iran's strategy for handling conflict in cyberspace mirrors its game plan for physical clashes.
AssessmentsJan 14, 2016 | 09:30 GMT
Series: Veins of Influence
Russia's Prospects for a Pipeline to Europe Look Bleak
With the Russia-Ukraine relationship on the rocks, Moscow is desperate to find a pipeline route to its Continental consumers that does not pass through Ukraine. However, every possible alternative on the table faces significant political, economic or technical constraints. With Russian energy giant Gazprom in financial distress and the European Union determined to break the firm's near-monopoly hold in Central and Eastern Europe, fiscal pragmatism may force the Kremlin to re-evaluate its ambitious energy goals.
AssessmentsAug 23, 2011 | 08:53 GMT
Libya's Oil Production Future
Italian energy firm ENI will benefit because of its experience and contacts when Libya restarts oil production, but other firms and countries also will gain from their support for Libya's rebels.
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