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SnapshotsJun 2, 2020 | 14:41 GMT
OPEC+ Moves Toward Early Meeting to Discuss Extending Production Cuts
OPEC+ appears headed for an earlier-than-expected online ministerial meeting on June 4 to discuss how to extend oil production cuts for the rest of the year, given the faster-than-expected recovery in oil prices. During the meeting, members will reportedly consider a Saudi-Russian compromise on a very brief 1-2 month delay
AssessmentsJun 1, 2020 | 10:00 GMT
A satellite image shows the arrival of Russian fighter jets at an air base in Libya controlled by Khalifa Hifter's rebel army.
Russia Deepens Its Commitment to Libya’s War -- and Political Future
Russia's deepening support for the Libyan National Army (LNA) proves the Kremlin views LNA leader Khalifa Hifter as crucial to its greater North African and Mediterranean strategy, and could grant Moscow the upper hand in shaping the war-torn country's political future. The U.S. military, among others, recently released photos confirming
SITUATION REPORTMay 14, 2020 | 17:51 GMT
Global: China Expected to Join Global Debt Relief Efforts, Says Paris Club 
Paris Club Chair and French Treasury Director Odile Renaud-Basso said China is expected to take part in the global drive to halt debt payments for the world’s poorest countries in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic under the same terms as the Paris Club, Bloomberg reported May 13.
SnapshotsMay 7, 2020 | 17:41 GMT
Ethiopia’s Tigray Region Defies Federal Election Plans
On May 4, Ethiopia's Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) announced plans to organize regional elections in Tigray despite a federal decision to postpone the ballot due to COVID-19. In March, the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed moved to delay August national and regional elections to contain the spread of the virus and
SITUATION REPORTMay 5, 2020 | 16:54 GMT
Global: Private Sector Creditors Voice Concerns Over Debt Relief Plan 
In a letter to the heads of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Paris Club, the Institute of International Finance (IIF) highlighted challenges over private sector participation in the Group of 20 (G-20)’s plan to freeze debt for the world’s most impoverished countries amid the COVID-19 crisis, Reuters reported May 4.
SnapshotsApr 22, 2020 | 18:17 GMT
South Africa’s COVID-19 Stimulus Plan Will Cement Its Economic Malaise
The South African government has announced a massive stimulus package designed to curb the immediate economic fallout from the country's growing COVID-19 outbreak. The additional spending, however, will ultimately put South Africa's financial future in grave danger by upending Pretoria’s plans to reach sustainable debt levels by 2023. 
AssessmentsApr 17, 2020 | 10:00 GMT
An image of the Algerian flag. Plummeting oil demand and prices due to the COVID-19 crisis have sapped the Algerian government of its primary revenue source.
COVID-19 Reveals the Depth of Algeria’s Economic Woes
Algeria has relied on oil and gas revenue to fund its myriad of extensive but expensive social spending programs for decades. But the government’s primary development tool now risks collapsing under the weight of plummeting oil prices and demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the previous oil and gas
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