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China: Military Shows Off Some of Its Latest Systems in Anniversary Parade

1 MIN READOct 1, 2019 | 17:04 GMT

What Happened: A parade of military hardware rolled through the streets of Beijing as part of China's 70th anniversary celebration on Oct. 1. Among the systems featured in a broadcast of the event included the country's newest hypersonic unmanned aerial vehicles and a variety of cruise and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Why It Matters: The parade put the breadth and scope of China's military modernization efforts on clear display. Among the participating units were a number of cutting-edge drone systems, such as GJ-11 stealth and WZ-8 supersonic reconnaissance models. Also featured in a parade for the first time were portions of the People's Liberation Army's Strategic Support Force, which concentrates on information and electronic warfare.

Background: The buildup and modernization of China's military over the past two decades have gone hand-in-hand with the country's rise as a global power.

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