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Iraq: Tikrit Council Hostages Freed

1 MIN READDec 16, 2013 | 16:48 GMT

Anti-terrorism forces have stormed the municipal council building in Tikrit, northern Iraq, freeing 12 hostages and killing at least three of the four suspected attackers, Shafaq reported Dec. 16. It is believed that a single member of the security forces was killed in the action. This is the third building to have been targeted by armed groups since the beginning of December, following the Kirkuk mall attack on Dec. 10 and a raid on a police intelligence compound, also in Kirkuk, on Dec. 4. Using similar methods, the attackers in Tikrit are reported to have been armed with suicide vests and small arms. The attack coincides with a two-day spate of violence that has left at least 47 dead across Iraq. 

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