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Mar 15, 2019 | 17:44 GMT

1 min read

Israel, Palestinian Territories: Israel, Hamas Reportedly Reach Cease-Fire After Latest Exchange

What Happened: Israel and Hamas have reportedly agreed to a cease-fire after two rockets were fired at Tel Aviv from the Gaza Strip on March 14 and Israel struck over 100 targets in the Gaza Strip in response, The Times of Israel reported March 15.

Why It Matters: Despite the military exchange, a variety of factors will likely prevent Israel and Hamas from engaging in a full-scale conflict at this time. While Hamas is dealing with deteriorating social conditions in the Gaza Strip, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to avoid a conflict due to impending elections in April.

Background: Hamas forcibly suppressed a demonstration by Palestinian residents against deteriorating social conditions on March 14, highlighting the group's struggle to maintain legitimacy at home. Meanwhile, ahead of Israel's elections on April 9, Netanyahu has received substantial criticism over his handling of Gaza in 2018, particularly in the aftermath of military exchanges.

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