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Jun 11, 2019 | 22:14 GMT

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Mexico: Doubts Arise About National Guard's Ability to Secure Border With Guatemala

What Happened: Some members of Mexico's military high command have cast doubt on the ability of their country's newly created National Guard to secure the border with Guatemala, while U.S. officials have traveled to Central America to discuss possible changes to asylum laws, Latin American media reported June 10.

Why It Matters: As part of the deal it reached last week with the White House, Mexico agreed to a review of its efforts to reduce the flow of Central American migrants to the United States. If the review rests on a security force that may be ill-prepared to do its job, Mexico could face new tariff threats from U.S. President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the Trump administration wants to overhaul the region's asylum framework so migrants remain in and apply for asylum in the first "safe" country they enter.

Background: Trump suspended his threat of adding tariffs on all imports from Mexico on June 7 after Mexico agreed to expand its efforts to prevent Central American migrants from crossing its southern border with Guatemala and traveling north to the United States.

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