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May 6, 2019 | 14:49 GMT

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North Macedonia: Pro-Western Candidate Wins Presidential Election

What Happened: North Macedonian ruling coalition candidate Stevo Pendarovski has won the second round of the country's presidential election after receiving 51.7 percent of the vote, Deutsche Welle reported May 5. 

Why It Matters: The election results indicate that many North Macedonians support the issues Pendarovski focused on during his campaign — namely, continuing accession talks with the European Union and NATO, as well as the government’s recent decision to change the country’s name.

Background: In 2018, Skopje and Athens agreed that Macedonia would change its official name from the "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" to the "Republic of North Macedonia." The Macedonian parliament ratified the deal on Jan. 11, followed by the Greek parliament on Jan. 25.

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