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Syria: Government Airstrike Targets Turkish Military Convoy in Idlib Province

1 MIN READAug 19, 2019 | 18:28 GMT

What Happened: The Syrian government has targeted a Turkish military convoy in an airstrike as it was traveling near the front lines in northern Syria's Idlib province, the BBC reported Aug. 19. Ankara said the attack killed three civilians and injured 12 others.

Why It Matters: The incident highlights the ongoing risks of clashes between regional powers in Syria as countries increase their involvement at the front lines of the conflict. Turkey and Russia will likely attempt to prevent the conflict from escalating, but further attacks against Turkish forces raise the possibility of retaliatory strikes by Ankara.

Background: An advance by Syrian government forces into Idlib is closing in on Turkish military observation posts, raising the risk of clashes between Syrian and Turkish troops.

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