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Uganda: 3 Ebola Cases Confirmed on Border With Democratic Republic of the Congo

1 MIN READJun 12, 2019 | 21:02 GMT

What Happened: The grandmother and brother of a 5-year-old in Uganda who has died of the Ebola virus have also tested positive for the disease, the BBC reported June 13.

Why It Matters: An uptick in violence and continued difficulty containing the disease across the border in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have put Uganda at high risk of cross-border infection. While these cases occurred in a fairly remote part of Uganda, surrounding areas are densely populated. Should the disease spread into more populated areas, infection numbers could increase more rapidly and the outbreak could grow even larger. 

Context: Because of its mode of infection, Ebola still remains a very low risk for global spread, as was seen with the 2014 outbreak in West Africa. Isolated cases could, however, occur in the developed world. Continued violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo will keep the risk high that further cases will cross the land border.

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