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Aug 22, 2019 | 14:34 GMT

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U.K.: Corbyn Invites Opposition Leaders to Discuss Measures to Prevent No-Deal Brexit

What Happened: British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has invited ten politicians, including the heads of the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party, to attend a cross-party meeting to consider options for preventing a no-deal Brexit, Politico reported Aug. 21.

Why It Matters: The meeting will provide an opportunity for the internally-divided British opposition to coordinate their strategies in confronting the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This could include consultations on a potential new prime minister if Johnson is defeated in a no-confidence vote. However, should the opposition parties fail to reach an agreement, it could also decrease the prospects of a successful no-confidence motion against Johnson.

Background: Corbyn sent a letter to the leaders of the remaining opposition parties last week, asking them to cooperate in removing Johnson from power. The letter also included a proposal for a short-term government, led by Corbyn, to ask the European Union for a Brexit extension and to organize a new general election. The Liberal Democrats, however, criticized the proposal and said they would not support Corbyn as prime minister.

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