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Jan 11, 2019 | 20:22 GMT

2 mins read

U.S.: Chinese Vice Premier To Visit Washington for Negotiations

What Happened: Chinese Vice Premier Liu He is planning a trip to Washington Jan. 30-31 for negotiations and meetings with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lightizer and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, The Wall Street Journal reported Jan. 10.

Why It Matters: The United States and China made progress on narrowing their differences over trade and other economic issues earlier this week during negotiations in Beijing, but negotiators were not able to achieve a breakthrough on the most important issues. Both sides agreed to hold additional talks at the Cabinet level before the end of the month.

Background: As the Chinese economy shows signs of slowing, Beijing has offered concessions to defuse some criticisms from the United States. These measures have included resuming imports of U.S. soybeans and taking steps to moderate its Made in China 2025 initiative, as well as lifting tariffs on auto imports which were imposed in response to U.S. import restrictions. However, China has not shown a willingness to address more structural concerns or curb its support for state-owned enterprises.

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