In Brazil, Testimonies Against Tradition

MIN READDec 29, 2016 | 09:15 GMT

The scandal at engineering company Odebrecht could topple the Brazilian president.
The scandal at engineering company Odebrecht could topple the president.


The political consequences of the record plea bargain struck by Brazil's largest engineering company, Odebrecht, have put Michel Temer's presidency at risk. Brazil's political scene has long been mired in corruption scandals, compounded by increasing fragmentation and unstable ruling coalitions. Temer himself only took power in August after former President Dilma Rousseff was impeached and removed from office for violating budgetary laws. But her exit from office did not bring stability and Temer, too, has been beset by corruption allegations surrounding Odebrecht, which has admitted to making illegal political donations and manipulating government contracts. If this scandal ends in the ouster of Temer, it would pave the way for an outsider to become a strong candidate in the next presidential election in 2018....

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