2014 Annual Forecast

MIN READJan 6, 2014 | 10:01 GMT

A Tesco distribution plant in December 2014 in Reading, England. In the lead up to Christmas, Tesco's busiest time of the year, 13,000 staff worked around the clock at 28 distribution centers across the United Kingdom.

(Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)


After spending more than a decade absorbed in intractable conflicts across the Islamic world, the United States will finally start to catch its breath in 2014. As U.S. troops draw down their presence in Afghanistan, Washington will go to great lengths to develop an understanding with Tehran. Negotiations will face major hurdles, and a final settlement that lifts the economic embargo on Iran will be a bridge too far for 2014. However, our longtime readers probably will not be surprised by the underlying depth and sincerity shared by Tehran and Washington that will sustain this detente over the course of the year. ...

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