2021 Fourth-Quarter Forecast Webcast

MIN READSep 30, 2021 | 15:23 GMT

Forecast Webcast

Join RANE's Senior Vice President of Strategic Analysis, Rodger Baker, Asia-Pacific Analyst, Chase Blazek, and Senior MENA Analyst, Emily Hawthorne, for this webcast recording exploring key topics identified in the 2021 Q4 Worldview Forecast:

  • The risk of additional supply chain disruptions will remain high in the near term, especially in countries like China that maintain severe lockdown strategies, but will decrease towards the end of the quarter as other nations (especially in Southeast Asia) shift their strategy from strict lockdowns to learning to live with COVID-19 in order to protect their economies
  • China’s regulatory campaign will threaten business continuity for entire sectors, individual companies that come under Beijing’s microscope, and supply chains that rely on scrutinized Chinese businesses. China will deepen Hong Kong’s political and economic ties with the mainland ahead of Legislative Council elections in December while attempting to maintain its attractiveness to foreign investors.
  • Facing growing social and economic challenges, the Taliban will crack down on internal dissent and engage diplomatically with the international community to obtain humanitarian and development aid for Afghanistan, but their success will be limited.

Join us for an exploration of what's next in global geopolitics and what it means for your business.

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