Above the Tearline: Gleaning Intelligence from Crime Scene Imagery

3 MINS READDec 1, 2010 | 16:38 GMT
Vice President of Intelligence Fred Burton examines the Nov. 29 attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists to determine what intelligence can be gleaned from the margins of crime scene photos and videos. Editor’s Note: Transcripts are generated using speech-recognition technology. Therefore, STRATFOR cannot guarantee their complete accuracy. Hi I'm Fred Burton with Stratfor, in this weeks Above the Tearline were going to show you the value of examining still photography and video with an eye towards what most people don't see. The intelligence value that's contained in the margins and on the periphery of these crime scene pictures and video. On November 29th two nuclear scientists were attacked in Iran in very complex and sophisticated operations. So let's go take a look at the video and still pictures so I can show you what I look at when I see those photographs. When you take a look at this picture you see a very sophisticated complex improvised explosive device and quite clearly they wanted the individual killed that was obviously driving this car. But also focus in on not only that, but take a look at the personalities associated with actual investigation of the crime scene. And this is very telling. One, you can start to develop a pattern analysis of the actual subject matter expertise of those individuals that are responding to an event like this. Is this local police, is this national police. Is this IRGC, is this the MOIS, their intelligence service. And you can actually hone in on personalities here, and start to develop a file on specific individuals that have something to do with the security services inside of Iran. And the importance of this kind of video and still pictures are the ability to look at this over a sequence of time and you can start to develop a pattern analysis of the degree of professionalism the crime scene expertise the personalities that are responding to this event. And over time you can pretty much pick out the same individuals responding to these kinds of scenes. The other thing that I think it's important to note here from a forensic perspective is it appears that both of these victims were driving Peugeot's and they appear to be identical models. And this very well may be because the Iranian government has issued these vehicles to the Iranian nuclear scientists in an effort to keep tabs on them. Perhaps there's GPS embedded in the vehicle or some sort of locator. Again when I look at the pictures it's very easy to fixate on the actual blast effect, of the bodies perhaps around the crime scene but you really need to examine the margins and the margins are very telling. You can identify personalities. You can identify the degree of such matter expertise at times responding to the event. It helps you identify other things that most people don't see. And in essence the intelligence is there it's a matter of examining and breaking it down frame by frame and building your intelligence portfolio.

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