The Afghan Government Is Unified in Name Alone

Jun 22, 2016 | 09:15 GMT
The Afghan Government Is Unified in Name Alone
The national unity government of Afghanistan is headed by Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah (L) and President Ashraf Ghani. Neither has been able to push through reforms that will make an October parliamentary election possible.

For much of Afghanistan's history, its combination of competing ethnic groups, illogical boundaries and impotent central government have weakened its status as both a nation and a state. Today, these problems persist, and as a result Afghanistan finds itself burdened with four interrelated challenges: a political system unable to advance reform, a military unable to monopolize the use of force, an anemic economy overreliant on foreign aid and a perennially strained relationship with neighboring Pakistan. Faced with these problems, the country's current government will not fulfill one of the key requirements of its assumption of power -- implementing the electoral reforms necessary to hold parliamentary and district council elections. ...

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