Applied Geopolitics: Looking at the Arctic from the Inside Out

MIN READNov 2, 2022 | 10:00 GMT


This podcast is part of the thought leadership events from the Stratfor Center of Applied Geopolitics at RANE. Its host is Rodger Baker, the center's executive director and a veteran geopolitical strategist whose expertise includes the Korean Peninsula, Southeast Asia and the Arctic.

In this episode, Baker's guests are Julie Kitka, president of the Alaska Federation of Natives, and Richard Glenn, former executive vice president of external and government affairs at the Arctic Slope Regional Corp. They discuss the growing strategic and geopolitical importance of Alaska and the broader Arctic region as China, Russia and the United States race to secure maritime routes, minerals and other opportunities. As climate change melts age-old snow, permafrost and sea ice it has prompted renewed interest in Arctic development and created new security and strategic concerns.

The Stratfor Center for Applied Geopolitics is a global center of excellence for geopolitical intelligence and analysis that focuses on training, educational certification and geopolitical thought leadership. Sign up to receive alerts from the center at www.ranenetwork.com/stratcenter.

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