An Attack in the Heart of Europe

MIN READDec 20, 2016 | 17:52 GMT

An Attack in the Heart of Europe
The truck that smashed through a Christmas market in Berlin could have also damaged German Chancellor Angela Merkel's political standing ahead of national elections.


German authorities are still struggling to identify who is responsible for the Dec. 19 attack on a Christmas market in Berlin. Early reports suggested that the main suspect is a young Pakistani asylum seeker who was arrested after the assault in which at least 12 died. But the city's police chief has said it is unclear whether the man, who reportedly arrived in the country in December 2015, is in fact the culprit. German Chancellor Angela Merkel noted that it would be "particularly hard to bear for all of us" if officials confirm that the perpetrator of such a heinous crime had sought refuge in Germany. And indeed it would be a great blow, especially to Merkel, who has invested significant political capital in defending her decision to open Germany's doors to asylum seekers. Either way, regardless of who is behind the attack, security, immigration and terrorism will feature prominently in...

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