Baker's Dozen: 'Philippinedization' and Middle Power Security

MIN READMar 25, 2022 | 20:10 GMT


Baker's Dozen is a RANE podcast series dedicated to exploring the larger concepts of geopolitics through current events. In this episode, host Rodger Baker, senior vice president for strategic analysis at RANE, explores the concept of so-called "Philippinedization." His guests are Dr. Chester B. Cabalza, Joshua Bernard B. Espena and Don McLain Gill. All three are with the Manila-based think tank International Development and Security Cooperation. Their recent book is called The Rise of Philippinedization: Philippinedization is not Finlandization. The authors describe Philippinedization as "the process whereby a weaker state, backed by a powerful country, goes through great lengths in temporarily refraining from opposing a neighboring great power by resorting to economic and diplomatic rapprochements at the strategic level but strengthening its national security infrastructure on the operational level."

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