The Battle for France Won't End With a President

MIN READApr 21, 2017 | 09:30 GMT

The Battle for France Will Not End With the Presidential Election
Of the 11 candidates running for the French presidency, four appear to stand the best chance of making it to a runoff. But the ultimate victor's power to affect change may be determined by the National Assembly elections to follow.


With the fate of the European Union possibly on the line, the impending French presidential election has captured the world's attention. Popular anti-establishment candidates on both the left and right have promised to introduce protectionist measures and have threatened to take the country out of the European Union if they win. Somewhat overlooked, though, have been the National Assembly elections that will follow weeks later, even though their results will determine what the new president might accomplish in office. France's next leader will need the support of lawmakers to carry out most of the items on his or her agenda. Moreover, should one party gain control of the presidency and another win a majority in parliament, policymaking could get trickier, reducing the chances of sweeping reform in the country....

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