Boeing and Bombardier Take Their Dogfight to Court

MIN READSep 28, 2017 | 17:08 GMT

A new Bombardier C Series aircraft takes flight.

A new Bombardier C Series plane takes flight. Bombardier was hoping it could sell the aircraft in the United States to Delta Airlines, but tariffs threaten to make them prohibitively expensive. 


The aviation sector is one of the few which intersects significantly with geopolitics, and the challenges Canadian plane manufacturer Bombardier faces in the United States will reverberate around the world. On the evening of Sept. 26, the United States Department of Commerce issued a determination on imports of Canadian built aircraft. The Department of Commerce's preliminary duty determination would place a 219.63 percent tariff on the sale of airliners built by the Canadian-based company Bombardier -- the next generation C Series -- once the investigation is complete. Bombardier has already begun criticizing the investigation, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also spoke out against the investigation in the run-up to the announcement. U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May's office stated that the United Kingdom was bitterly disappointed by the result. That disappointment comes as no surprise, given that Bombardier's plant in Belfast plant builds wings for the company's next generation C...

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