Brief: Marib In Heightened State Of Alert Following Airstrike

1 MIN READMay 25, 2010 | 00:24 GMT
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An airstrike — likely conducted by the Yemeni government with U.S. intelligence support — mistakenly struck a two-car convoy and killed the deputy governor of Marib, Jaber Shabwani, a relative of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) provincial head Jabr Ali al-Shabwani, Marib Press reported May 24. Shabwani's convoy was struck after he was dispatched by the Yemeni government to negotiate a surrender of local AQAP members in the eastern province of Marib. Jabr Ali al-Shabwani's brother, Mohammad Sayed Jamil, was also killed in the strike. Following the airstrike, hundreds of members from the prominent local tribe the Abeeda engaged in heavy gun battles with government security forces in Marib in retaliation for the accidental killing, specifically targeting a Yemeni government air defense camp. According to Marib Press, the situation remains tense and security forces are at a heightened state of alert.

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