Capturing the Spirit of Southern Spain

Jul 9, 2017 | 14:05 GMT

An archway at Seville's Real Alcazar exhibits features of Gothic and Islamic architecture.

(Marina Petric/Stratfor)

I had never thought of going to the Iberian Peninsula. It just seemed too similar to Brazil, where I was born to a Brazilian mother and a father who had escaped Tito's autocratic rule in Yugoslavia. I grew up under a dictatorship, and as a child in Rio de Janeiro, I remember admiring the freedom of speech that most Anglo-Saxon cultures seemed to enjoy. I learned English and German. Then somehow I wound up living in the United States. They say that when elephants get old, they walk back to the place where they were born. Now that I've traveled, lived in the United States and managed to adapt to life there, I've made peace with my roots. I began to understand and value the lifestyle and culture of the Latin world. In fact, I realized that I missed it. And so, I set off for Spain....

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