China: Beijing Looks at Modifying Its Foreign Investment Laws

Jan 17, 2019 | 23:53 GMT


As Beijing searches for concessions to offer the United States in their ongoing trade talks, Chinese lawmakers have announced an unscheduled session for Jan. 29-30 to speed up the review process for a long-awaited law on foreign investment. First introduced in 2014, the bill has been repeatedly delayed through multiple drafts. In its latest draft, published in 2018 amid the escalating trade war with the United States and growing grievances from foreign businesses, the bill aims to take a stronger line on protecting foreign investment and intellectual property. Specifically, the 39-article draft contains provisions to prevent the forcible transfer of intellectual property -- a core U.S. concern. What's more, the current draft as written would create a level playing field between foreign and domestic companies through equal support policies and participation in government procurement, as well as provisions to prevent local governments from restricting market access....

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