China, India: Roads, Trains and Infrastructure Pains

MIN READAug 24, 2017 | 19:13 GMT


The road to resolution on the India-China border just got longer. As the standoff near Doklam enters its third month, the two countries are opening another front on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), their de facto border. On Aug. 24, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticized India for approving the construction of a road near Pangong Lake, which lies along a western section of the LAC where Indian and Chinese troops reportedly engaged in a recent scuffle. The planned road construction project was reportedly in response to that scuffle, though it was originally proposed by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police some 15 years ago. The current standoff between the two regional powers was triggered when India accused China of unilaterally altering the status quo in the disputed Doklam Plateau area by building a road extension. Now, it appears to be China's turn to make a similar claim. ...

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