Could Clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh Trigger a Wider Conflict?

MIN READApr 4, 2016 | 14:56 GMT


Azerbaijan and Armenia's dispute over Nagorno-Karabakh has flared up again. While tension along the region's contact line has persisted for years and skirmishes have occurred before, the spat of fighting that began April 2 has the most potential for breaking out into a wider conflict. Azerbaijan is undoubtedly attempting to take more territory militarily in the hopes of undermining Armenia's hold on the area and forcing it to make its own concessions. But Armenia, and its security ally Russia, may not be as willing to let Azerbaijan, however incrementally, seize locations without some response. Azerbaijan has already begun diplomatic efforts to prevent the battle from escalating into a war, but whether they will take hold remains to be seen. Stratfor provides the following selection of analyses discussing the recent developments that have upended the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute....

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